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Causes and Symptoms: Renal colic is the name given to the pain in the kidneys. If pain of an aching nature occurs high up in the loins, it is occasionally a symptom of inflammation of the kidneys, but pain in the back is found in so many other diseases and is so generally absent in serious kidney affections, that it is of little importance as a symptom. When a stone lodges itself in the ureter, however, there is a very definite type of pain known as renal colic. This pain is of an agonizing nature shoots down from the kidney region to the groin and usually appears with great suddenness.

When the pain in the kidneys is due to unspecified reasons or suspected to be on account of some inflammation, the following remedies are of advantage.

Remedies: Two tolas of Black Cumin Seeds, one tola of Ajwain and six mashas of Black Salt should be ground together and mixed with a little Vinegar; it should be taken in three mashas dose every hour till relief if obtained. Alternatively, one tola of Juice of Ginger should be mixed with one ratti of Asafoetida and a little Salt and drunk. As for local applications, two Egg Yolks should be beaten in a copper vessel and six mashas of Turmeric and a little water added to the mixture and triturated. It should be warmed and applied as a poultice to the region of the kidneys. Fomentation with a pad of cotton wool over the poultice should be continued for 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, leaves of Neem and flowers of Dhak should be taken in 4 tola quantities each, two tolas of Poppy Capsule rind and the three boiled in one litre of water till half is left. A pad of cloth soaked in this mixture while still warm should be used to foment the kidneys.


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