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Causes: Dropsy is a condition where fluid collects in the cavities of the body. It may be due to weakening of the walls of the capillary vessels, by poverty of the blood coursing through and nourishing the blood vessels, obstruction to the blood flow through the veins or a watery condition of the blood allowing fluid to escape through the capillary walls.

Here we shall deal with abdominal dropsy the name given to the condition where there is an excessive accumulation of clear yellow fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

Remedies: One tola of leaves of Kasaundi and seven grains of Pepper are ground in water, strained and taken. It is an excellent remedy for the inflammation of the liver and dropsy. Split pulse of Bengal Gram may be steeped in milk of common milk-hedge (Danda Thohar) and allowed to dry. The process should be repeated thrice. Two to four grains of the pulse should be ingested with water in the morning. Purging will follow and relief from dropsy will be obtained in a few days.

Another specific for abdominal dropsy is to take two tolas of Chili leaves and ten grains of Pepper and grind them in water. One masha of salmiac and a pinch of salt should be added to the liquid and drunk. Or, a quarter kilo gramme of green leaves of gigantic Swallow Wort (Akh) and one tola of Turmeric should be ground together and made into pills of the size of Bengal Gram. One pill should be taken on the first day of the treatment and the number increased progressively till on the seventh day seven pills are taken.

Juice of green Bitter Gourd (Karela) should be taken in five tola doses every day; it helps not only inflammation of the liver and dropsy, but is a specific for diabetes.


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