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Causes and Symptoms:Acne vulgaris is a chronic skin disease affecting the sebaceous glands of the forehead, nose, chin, chest, back of the shoulders and the outer side of the thighs. The eruption consists of black spots (blackheads or comedones) which indicate that the mouths of the small sebaceous ducts are chocked with dust or dirt, from which a long, wormy looking fatty mass can be squeezed. There are little pustules surrounded by a slight degree of inflammation which generally grow, burst and then heal. And then hard lumps, sometimes half an inch across appear which last for weeks, slowly suppurate and leave a permanent hardness or scar.

The condition occurs in individuals with defective sebaceous glands, generally between the ages of 14 and 20. Among women the trouble worsens during the menstruation periods. The malady is associated with dyspepsia, constipation and similar other digestive disorders and a cure must start with removal of all defects of digestion. The patient should be asked to give up sweet substances and fats. Exercise should be recommended. The affected parts must be thoroughly cleaned and rubbed with a soft towel. Any soap may be used but a little borax should be added to the water. If the patient is a girl and is suffering from irregularities of menstruation that condition must be attended to first.

Remedies: The following remedies should be tried for acne: Yellow Sea Shells (Kauris) should be ground fine, mixed with Butter and a little Vinegar and applied to the affected parts. Alternatively, the barks of Oris Tree (Irsa) and Neem and Turmeric should be ground together in water and the paste thus obtained should be rubbed on the affected parts.

Another remedy is to slake Lime in water (one tola lime to 20 tolas of water) and mixed with 2 tolas of finely powdered Sulphur. The mixture should be boiled till about half is left. A light coat of the fluid should be applied to the acne. Or, the seeds of Khurfa should be ground in milk and applied to the face.

A person suffering from acne should be very careful about what he or she eats. Care should be taken to keep the bowels clear and to avoid indigestion. Fresh fruits and boiled vegetables are the best in such cases. Sour substances should be avoided.


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