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Causes: Alopecia Areata, or patchy baldness, is common on the scalp, but may affect hair all over the body. It occurs for the most part among adolescents and young adults. It is considered to be an infective condition, but is not infectious. Some medical authorities believe it to be caused by disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system. In some cases, it appears to be a concomitant of some diseases of the teeth, throat, or eye. With proper treatment the bald patches again grow hair. The following remedies are recommended for this condition.

Remedies: Two or three cloves of Garlic should be ground together with a pinch of Collyrium and applied to the hairless patch; if there is any irritation, butter should be smeared over the patch. Or, a few grains of Potassium Permanganate should be dissolved in a few drops of water and applied to the bald patch a few times in the day. It should be continued for some days. Alternatively, the tender leaves of the Caper Berry (Karer) should be ground into paste and applied.

The bald patch should be washed with juice of Amla and a cut made with a razor or scalpel so that a little blood flows out and finely powdered Salmiac mixed with Butter should be rubbed into the spot. Or, some curdled milk (Dahi) put in a copper vessel without any coating of tin should be ground with a stave made of neem wood at the end of which a copper coin may be fixed. When repeated churning turns the curdled milk green, it should be applied to the hairless patch for a few days.


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