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Causes and Symptoms: Anemia is a condition in which there is lack of blood in the body. Shortage of red blood corpuscles and inadequate quantity of hemoglobin is the chief defect which give rise to anemia. The malady may also be caused by loss of blood through excessive bleeding through menstruation, injury, child-birth, hemorrhage from the gastro-intestinal tract in such diseases as tuberculosis or ulcers, defective blood formation on account of infections, toxins and intake of certain types of drugs, inadequate quantity of iron in the food ingested or defective absorption of the nutrition in the food taken.

Diseases like TB, diabetes, nephritis and syphilis and insanitary and unhygienic surroundings also produce anemia. A person suffering from anemia becomes pale and weak, his face looks oedematous, the lips and gums become discolored, the nails lose their healthy color. There is weakness and giddiness, the breathing is shallow, the pulse rapid and the blood pressure low. When the disease has advanced without being treated, the tongue becomes sore and the nails of the fingers become brittle and concave. There is loss of appetite and constipation. Among women anemia leads to amenorrhea; the menstrual flow is scanty, watery and pale.

Remedies: In severe cases where anemia follows massive loss of blood as in an injury, blood transfusion is the only way. But in persistent anemia, the exact cause of the malady should be found. Anemias of diabetes, syphillis, nephritis etc. cannot be cured without curing the disease first. If it is of a mild nature and is suspected to have been caused by malnutrition, it is easily cured but if malfunctioning of the liver is the villain of the piece, calx of iron is the only way out. A diet rich in iron and vitamins is of the vital importance in cases of anemia: liver of goat, bone marrow and half boiled eggs should be taken. Proteins should be taken in larger quantities, but fats should be avoided as they tend to burden the liver.

The following medicines are specially useful in cases of persistent anemia:

One tola of Iron Filings, three mashas of Cardamom, and three mashas of Indian Hemp should be put in a bottle of Vinegar made from Jumbolina Fruit (Jamun) and placed in the sun for two weeks. It should be shaken daily and the strained liquid taken in one tola doses twice daily after meals.

Alternatively, 250 grammes each of Iron Rust (cleaned and washed with water), rind of large Harad, rind of Bahera and stoneless Amla should be powdered together and placed in an iron pan. It should be covered with curdled milk of cow (four fingers in height) and allowed to stand for a week. It should be stirred daily with a wooden spoon till the powder absorbs all the curd and the whole mixture dries up. It should be ground into powder and powder of Long Pepper, Sonth (dried Ginger), and Pepper (each three tolas) mixed with it. Two to three mashas of it should be taken for three weeks with whey every morning.


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