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Causes and Symptoms: Anorexia or loss of appetite is a sign common to almost all diseases causing general weakness, because the activity of the stomach and secretion of gastric juices fail early when vital power is low. It is the most common sign of dyspepsia due to gastritis, and of the cancer of the stomach. In some cases, it is the manifestation of stress or strain such as domestic worry or difficulties at work. Indeed, appetite seems to be particularly susceptible to emotional disturbances. Nervous disorders also lead to a loss of appetite.

Remedies: Five tolas of Ajwain should be steeped in Lime Juice and dried; then it should be ground with some Black Salt. Three mashas of it should be taken in the morning and evening. A simple remedy is to grind five mashas of fresh Ginger and mix it with a little Salt and lick it. Five tolas of Juice of Lime should be mixed with an equal amount of Juice of Ginger and one tola of Rock Salt. The mixture should be placed in sunlight for three days and a teaspoonful taken after a meal.


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