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Causes and Symptoms:Asthma is a condition in which the small bronchial tubes which connect with the lungs are constricted due to swelling or accumulation of viscid phlegm in the main bronchi. Narrowing of the passage through which air goes to the lungs leads to difficulty in breathing. The attack of asthma is sometimes triggered off because of hypersensitivity of the sufferer to certain substances like pollen, dust, emanations from certain animals like dogs and cats and certain foods to which he is allergic.

The attack to asthma may come on suddenly in the small hours of the morning when the patient wakes up with a sense of alarm; he has to sit up in bed because the breathing suddenly becomes difficult. This condition may last for a few hours or may prolong for some days. If it becomes chronic he acquires the typical asthmatic look, a pale van face and an emaciated body. Constant coughing to expel the phlegm sticking to the air passages gives him a hunch backed look.

Remedies and Regimen: Medicines indicated for cough are beneficial in asthma in its preliminary stages; if the condition persists for some time expert medical aid should be sought. The patient should never be allowed to smoke or consume liquor. He should also avoid curds, butter milk, banana, guava and fried foods. Hard exercise and exposure to cold and moisture should be avoided. A walk in the morning is indicated; no other exercise is advised.


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