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Causes: The causative factors of baldness are almost the same as those which contribute to premature greying of hair. It may be due to serious diseases like myxodema, syphilis, influenza, anaemia and great anxiety or sudden shock. Premature baldness is generally hereditary and not much can be done to cure it; of course, early action can be taken when the hair star falling off and the evil day can be postponed by some months or even years. Eczema of the scalp also leads to baldness in some cases.

If baldness is due to any of the serious diseases mentioned above medication should start the moment the falling of hair is noticed. A naturopathic cure is to dry the hair with friction, i.e. rub the head with the tips of fingers till the hair is completely dry. The drugs recommended for premature greying would help in staying the falling of the hair which leads to baldness but early action is of the vital importance. Once the hair have fallen and their follicles have closed nothing can be done. Those who hold their hair of much cosmetic value may as well wear wigs.

Remedies: The following remedies are recommended for baldness:

Oil in which mangoes have been preserved for one year should be rubbed on the scalp. Or, five tolas of leaves of Tamarish (Farash) should be ground and made into pellets. The pellets should then be burnt in boiling Mustard Oil. The oil should then be decanted and used for massaging the bald patches. Another expedient is to grind the remains of the Tobacco smoked in a hookah in Mustard Oil and use it for massaging the scalp. Or, five tolas of Kaner (Oleander) leaves should be burnt in 250 ml. of Mustard Oil, the oil cleaned and used for massaging.


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