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Causes and Symptoms: Chronic inflammation of the margin of the eyelids is called blepharitis. It occurs in weak children and if not treated in time it may produce a red watery condition of the eyelids, with loss of eyelashes which persists throughout life. It begins with swelling near the edge of the eyelids, usually the upper one, redness and constant formation of a crust round the roots of the eyelashes. The onset often follows one of the acute diseases of childhood, especially measles. Lack of nutritious food and eye hygiene ofter seems to aggravate the condition.

Remedies: The eye must be washed with a decoction of Neem leaves. After that one of the following medicines should be used:

Six mashas of green leaves of Khurfa should be ground and mixed with an equal quantity of Ghee and applied to the edges of the eyelids. Or, a wick of cotton soaked in sap of Swallow Wort (Akh) should be dried and burnt in a lamp with Sesame oil. The Lamp Black of soot collected from the lamp (Kajal) should be applied to the eyes daily for some weeks. Or, the Slough of a Snake should be burnt and the ashes mixed with Sesame Oil. The resultant paste should be applied to the eyes. The juice of the tender pods of Acacia applied to the swollen and reddened edges of the eyelids helps the condition. The inflammation disappears after a few days.


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