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Causes and Symptoms: CConjunctivitis is a condition in which the mucous membrane connecting the inner eyelid and the eyeball is inflamed. If the malady is left untreated, it may lead to serious complications like the ulceration of the cornea.

The most characteristic sign of the malady is that the affected eye becomes red or bloodshot because of the dilation of the numerous vessels over the surface of the conjunctiva. A thickened fold may form round the edge of the cornea. There is a feeling of sand having entered the eye and also pain in some cases. A serious variety of the disease is garnular conjunctivitis known as Egyptian ophthalmia.

Remedies: The first step in the treatment of conjunctivitis is to keep the eyes clean; they should be washed with hot water in which a little Borax has been dissolved. A paste made of Candied Sugar, Alum and Rock Salt (3 grammes each), Opium (one gram) ground together with a little water should be applied over the eyelids.

Or burnt Zinc should be stirred with a little water and the water removed after a couple of minutes. The residue should be dried and powdered. A pinch of this should be applied to the eyes the last thing at night. Or, Oakgull (Mazu) should be finely powdered and the powder applied to the inner eyelid by upturning it. Or a thin glass or metal pencil should be used to apply it to the eyes.

If there are granules on the inner eyelid. Borax and Alum (6 mashas each) and three mashas of Nitre should be finely ground together, sprinkled on the granules and the eyes thoroughly washed afterwards with cold water.


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