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Causes and Symptoms: Ageusia or loss of sense of taste is a condition brought on by many causes, chief among them being the administration of some allopathic drugs for fevers and other conditions. Sometimes, the sense of taste is lost after a bout of fever.

Remedies: The condition can best be dealt with by washing the mouth with water in which Black Mustard has been boiled. Six mashas of Pepper and Salmiac ground together should be mixed with five tolas of Honey and a little of the linctus so obtained should be rubbed on the tongue daily and the fluid secreted should be allowed to run. Alternatively, Cinammon or Bachh (Sweet flag) ground fine and mixed with Honey should be so rubbed on the tongue.

If the loss of sense of taste is due to excessive use of opium or cocaine, two tolas of pulp of Purging Cassia should be mixed with a quarter litre of hot milk and used to wash the mouth.


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