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Causes and Symptoms: The most common complaint which we hear, particularly in the urban areas, is constipation. Millions of rupees are spent by the sufferers on laxatives countless cups of tea and coffee are drunk and an equally large number of cigarettes and Bidis smoked under the mistaken notion that they would help the bowels to move. Little do the sufferers understand that an easy life, sedantry habits, lack of exercise and rich food are the causes of constipation. If the disorder persists for sometime, it can create many complications like headache, lethargy, loss of appetite and apathy. When the waste matter does not come out of the intestines it leads to putrefaction and wind in the stomach; some times, the whole abdomen is distended causing acute discomfort.

Remedies: The best way to deal with constipation is, of course, to change your food habits; milk and boiled vegetables, fruits and their juices should be taken in large quantities together with foods with a lot of roughage. But since that is not feasible with most individuals because they are slaves to their palate, the following laxatives are recommended.

One tola of Senna and half a tola of Aniseed should be boiled in a cupful of water with Gur, strained and drunk the last thing at night. Half a litre of milk mixed with five tolas of brown sugar drunk at night will give relief. Another way is to eat four tolas of Gulkand (confection of rose petals) with milk. If these fail to give relief six mashas of the rind of Harad, also known as Halila Zard should be ground fine and mixed with a little salt. Wash the powder down with lukewarm water. Another way is to steep four tolas of pulp of Purging Cassia (Amaltas) in water overnight. It should be strained in the morning and drunk with two tolas of sugar. Three mashas of Indrain (colocynth) boiled in a cupful of water will also help the constipated bowels.


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