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Causes: Cough is a condition when there is irritation in the throat and a dry, hacking sound is produced as the system tries to deal with the irritation. It may be due to the inflammation of the larynx or the pharynx.

Remedies: In coughs where there is no phlegm, the throat should be lubricated with a decoction of Liquorice Root (Mulethi) with Sugar and Honey. A paste made of equal parts of Black Raisins, Dates, Black Pepper, Bahera, Long Pepper and Honey should be licked to get quick relief.

A tola of Linseed crushed and boiled in litre of water (the decoction is ready when half the water is left) taken with two tolas of Honey is a wonderful expectorant.

Seven leaves of Vasaka (Aroosa, Bansa) should be boiled in water, strained and mixed with two tolas of Honey. The decoction is very beneficial for cough and even asthma. Similarly, a confection of Vasaka flowers (five tolas of flowers and thrice their weight of gur) eaten in one tola doses twice daily relieves cough and even reduces the virulence of pulmonary tuberculosis. The remains of tobacco after it has been smoked in a hookah should be burnt to ashes and one ratti of the powder so obtained mixed with a paan and eaten.

A preparation made from Turmeric (one tola of Turmeric and tola of Sajji) taken in the morning and evening relieves cough. Another preparation recommended as an expectorant is: two tolas of Asparagus seeds (Halon) should be ground into powder and mixed with six tolas of Honey. The dose recommended is six mashas thrice to four times daily.


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