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Causes and Symptoms: Diarrhoea, or looseness of the bowels, is the chief symptom of several diseases and its treatment must depend on a correct diagnosis of its nature. It may be due to certain harmful bacteria as in cholera, in typhoid fever due to dietary indiscretions, ulceration of the intestines in tuberculosis or some diseases of the liver or the pancreas. It may also be caused by sudden fright, shock of the death of a loved one or extreme worry. Such a disorder is, however, easily cured: the moment the shock wears off, it is automatically cured. Other causes of diarrhoea include : change of climate, as in mountaineers when they reach heights, change of season as in spring or autumn or change of diet to which a person is habituated.

Remedies: The first thing to be done in diarrhoea is to ban all food except liquids, and that too mostly water, because lack of water may lead to dehydration. If it is due to atony of the intestines, pills made of Amla steeped in water to which a little salt has been added may be given in the morning and evening. If kernel of old Mango is available it may be roasted wit an equal quantity of aniseed, powdered and taken in doses of six mashas in the morning and evening. A tola of Doodhi ground in water should be drunk to check diarrhoea. Or, a paste made of the inner bark of the Mango tree applied around the navel. Alternatively, fill the navel with the sap of the Banyan tree. Fresh pulp of Bael fruit roasted and taken in two tola doses also stops diarrhoea.

Other home remedies are: mixture of equal parts of the tender leaves of the Babul tree, white and black Cumin Seeds, given in 180 grains doses thrice daily. An infusion made of the bark of the tree will also deal with ordinary cases of diarrhoea. Fleaseed husk in six masha doses also helps. A decoction of the rind and the bark of the Pomegranate tree, the flowers of the Dhataki tree, a decoction of the bark or the Kurchi and the root bark of Tarwar and powder of Long Pepper are also of help in containing diarrhoea.

Regimen: A person suffering from diarrhoea must be extremely careful about his diet: soft foods like lentil of green gram (Moong Ki Dal)k soups and gruel should be taken during an attack. Curds and their products are beneficial as supplements to diets. In case the attack is virulent, i.e. if the patient has passed many stools his intake of liquids should be sufficient to make up the loss of fluids, failing which symptoms of dehydration are likely to set in. juice of lime added to water with a little salt is the best drink to take during diarrhoea.


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