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Causes: The most serious of ear ailment is otorrhoea or discharge from the ear. It may arise in the external ear as a result of eczema, boils, or the irritation caused by a plug of wax or foreign bodies like moths etc. but if none of these things is responsible for the discharge, the cause in a majority of the cases is the suppuration from the middle ear through a perforation of the drum. It may being in an acute form from the inflammation of the middle ear while the person is suffering from a cold in the head or from scarlet fever or measles. In weakly persons, particularly children, the suppuration may start slowly without any apparent reason. If the suppuration is left unattended, it may result in deafness; in most cases it may be the consequence of an abcess in the region of the ear, or even the skull. The following remedies should be tried for this condition.

Remedies: Twenty mashas of Alum and one masha of Turmeric should be finely ground together and placed in a phial. The ear should be washed with a syringe and two rattis of the powder dropped into the ear. A few day's treatment will cure the suppuration.

Six mashas of Mazu (Oak Gall) should be finely ground and mixed with 6 tolas Alcohol. Two drops of the liquid should be sufficient to deal with the suppuration if used for a few days.

If one tola of Ratanjot (Onosma Echioides) is burnt in ten tolas of Mustard Oil and the oil cleaned, a few drops of it introduced into the ear will deal with ear-ache, otorrhoea and even hardness of hearing.


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