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Causes: Lack of hygiene and poor living conditions sometimes lead to infestation of the ear with certain worms which if left unattended can lead to serious infections. The following procedure should be adopted in such cases.

Remedies: The ear should be washed with a syringe using the decoction of Neem leaves after which two drops of lukewarm Oil of Neem should be introduced into the ear. Or, six mashas of Oil of Turpentine should be mixed with 10 tolas of warm water and the water used to wash the ear by a syringe. If a syringe is not available, one masha of Aloes should be dissolved in a little water and the water poured into the ear. It should be retained for some time and then ejected by tilting the head to one side. The juice of the green leaves of Indian Wild Pepper (Sambhalu) used as ear drops also helps eliminate the tiny organisms infesting the ear.


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