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Causes: A common trouble of the ear is the earache. It may be caused by inflammation in the middle ear, but chronic disorders like eczema, boils or neuralgia of the outer structure may also be responsible for the trouble.

Remedies: The treatment varies according to the exact cause of the ache, but the application of heat generally allays the symptoms. In most common cases, Mustard Oil should be heated and dropped into the ear when its temperature returns to a little above body temperature. Or, a pod of Garlic should be burnt in the Mustard Oil and the oil used as ear drops when cooled to body temperature. The ear should then be plugged with cotton.

The leaves of Marigold (Genda) should be warmed and expressed. The lukewarm juice of the leaves should be dropped into the ear to relieve the ache. The lukewarm juice of Sukhdarshan also help the pain. Another expedient is to use the lukewarm juice of Indian Hemp (Bhang) for the relief of ear ache.

If the ache is of a serious nature, burnt and powdered Marine Shells (Kauris) should be dropped in 4 ratti quantities at one time and lime-juice dropped into the ear. Effervescence will take place and the ache will be relieved. The head should then be tilted to one side to let the liquid run out and the ear plugged with cotton-wool.

If there are any boils in the ear which are causing pain, three mashas each of Garlic and Ajwain should be boiled together in Sesame Oil (4 tolas) till they turn red. The oil should then be strained; when it has cooled down to body temperature, it should be used as ear drops. Another expedient is to use the juice of the Tulsi leaves as ear drops.


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