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Causes and Symptoms: The spleen lies behind the stomach, a soft, highly vascular, plum colored organ with a smooth surface, which is completely covered by the peritoneum. It is attached through ligaments to the stomach and the kidney. It is a storehouse of blood and its size varies according to the needs of the body for the blood corpuscles which are vital to fight infection. In certain diseases such as leukemia, waxy disease and malaria, the spleen becomes congested and acutely enlarged. In some cases, a slight blow on the left side of the abdomen may rupture the spleen putting the life of the victim in danger because of excessive hemorrhage which leads to collapse and finally death if it is not diagnosed in time and surgical interference undertaken.

Splenomegaly or enlargement of the spleen is a condition found in India among children, particularly after a bout of malaria. The patient should be protected from accidental injury to the left side of the abdomen because if a vital spot in the neighborhood of the spleen is hit, it may rupture. The following drugs are recommended for the enlargement of the spleen:

Remedies: Ripe Papaya fruit should be skinned, cut into pieces and immersed in Vinegar for a week. About 50 gramme: of the fruit thus preserved should be eaten twice with meals. Ten tolas of juice of Radish and its leaves mixed with one masha of Salmiac should be drunk for eight to ten days to bring the spleen back to its normal size. Juice of green Bitter Gourd (Karela) in two tolas doses should be taken for a week to ten days. Black Mustard and roasted Borax in the proportion of 3 : 1 should be ground together and a three masha dose should be taken in the morning and evening with water. It will not only bring back the spleen to its original size but also increase the appetite and improve digestion.


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