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Causes: Excessive thirst is a symptom of fevers and atmospheric heat. It is also present in diseases which remove a large amount of fluids from the body, such as diarrhoea, chronic Bright's disease, diabetes and after loss of blood by haemorrhage. A desire for water is also a feature of many conditions associated with great exhaustion.

Remedies: Sugar or Brown Sugar dissolved in water with Lime Juice added to it makes a nice cooling drink which satisfies thirst. One tola of seeds of Khurfa ground in water and sweetened with Brown Sugar also relieve intense thirst. Three mashas of Quince Seeds (Bihidana) should be steeped in a quarter litre of water, expressed and strained after which sugar candy should be added to it. The drink is refreshing and relieves thirst.

In case of false thirst-where the amount of water in the system may be appreciable-lukewarm water taken in the draughts or a cup of tea is the best remedy.


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