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Causes and Symptoms: Cataract, or Motiabind, is the result of opacity of the cornea with dimness of vision and sometimes, total loss of it. If opacity of the cornea is due to glaucoma, the condition is practically incurable since even the removal of the cataract does not help because of the involvement of the optic nerve.

The most common form of cataract is the senile cataract which begins at about the age of 50 years (in some cases earlier) even in healthy eyes. It may be due to diabetes or exposure to intense light as happens in the case of glass workers and welders who have been careless. The passage of the electric current through the body sometimes leads to cataract.

The first symptoms are the appearance f motes in the vision; bright lights appear multiplied and the whole thing looks hazy. Shortsightedness develops. Gradually increasing blindness is the most apparent symptom. In the early stages the person may be able to see better in the dark than during day time.

If cataract has fully developed, home remedies are not likely to help. Operation for the cataract is the only way, but in the preliminary stages, corrective action can be taken to delay the increasing opacity of the cornea. The first thing to be done is to avoid eye strain to ensure hygiene of the eyes. They should be bathed in cold water many times during the day. Constipation should be avoided; use of tobacco, alcohol and other intoxicant should be reduced to the minimum.

Remedies: The following home remedies should be tried.

Six mashas of Aniseed should be taken daily in the morning and evening. Or, equal weights of Aniseed and Coriander should be powdered and mixed with Brown Sugar (equal to the weight of the powder). One tola doses should be taken in the morning and evening. If seven kernels of almonds and seven grains of Pepper are ground together in water, sifted and drunk after sweetening the mixture with sugar candy, it helps the eyes to regain their vigour.

Another internal remedy is to grind together one tola of white Deccan Pepper and five tolas Almond kernels and to mix it with 6 chattanks of Brown Sugar and 2 chattanks of Ghee. Two tolas of the confection should be taken in the morning and evening for a few weeks to offset the increasing opacity of the cornea.

One tola of White Lead and one masha of White Pepper should be ground fine, sifted through a piece of fine muslin and stored in a bottle. It should be applied to the eyes like collyrium daily in the morning and evening.

Regimen: Persons suffering from eye afflictions must take as much cow's milk as they can. Vegetables like fenugreek (Methi) and spinach, drumsticks, lady's finger and fruits like bananas, grapes promgranates, apples and oranges are recommended. Sour and pungent substances should be avoided. Exposure to heat and bright light and excessive emotional or mental strain should be avoided as it is likely to aggravate the condition.


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