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First Aid : Accidents, Injuries and Emergencies

ACCIDENTS can happen anywhere and they often result in injuries and wounds. A stove may burst spraying burning kerosene over the housewife, a child may fall down the steps of the verandah fracturing his leg, a swimmer may get out of his depth and drown, a man may slip in the bathroom and sprain his knee, and an old man may fall to the ground in an epileptic fit. A person may get stung by wasps or bees or he may step on a slithering snake and get bitten. An emergency is created when such a thing happens and there are frantic calls for the doctor. But medical aid, even in the cities is not immediately forthcoming. There is a time lag between the injury and the medical aid. It is in that interregnum that some sort of first aid or temporary medication must be provided. If the injury is handled right in the initial stages, the work of the physician becomes easy. Not only that, the correct medical procedures started in the initial stages might mean the difference between life and death, or at least permanent disfigurement. A knowledge of what should be done in such cases till the doctor arrives or the injured person is taken to hospital should be helpful to the laymen.

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