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Causes: Another disorder of the glands which is amenable to home remedies is obesity. It is not easy to define the state of obesity except in very broad terms. It is characterised by over-accumulation of fat in the body. The acturial charts (those used by the insurance companies) of weights for men and women according to their height are only rough indications of the state of health of a person. The really fat people are generally found to be indolent and subject to many disorders; hence the reluctance of the insurers to haven them as their clients.

Even though the malfunctioning of the glands is primarily responsible for obesity, it is found to run among families. If no specific disorders of the endocrine glands are noticed in a fat person, the reason must be wrong type of diet and the propensity to overeat. A life o f east and luxury is a well-recognized predisposing factor in obesity. Indulgence in food beyond the needs of the body and an over-active digestive system leads to accumulation of fat.

The accumulation of fat over the chest and the abdomen is not only socially looked down upon, but it also impairs the capacity of the individual to move, act or think fast. The mental activity of the particularly fat persons is liable to be impaired and resistance to disease is also lowered because of obesity.

Remedies: The treatment of obesity must start with a severe restriction of the diet of the patient. Along with the reduction of food, the output or expenditure of energy must be increased through a regimen of exercise. The patient should reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates; all fried, rich foods must be cut down. The sufferer should be advised to suffer the pangs of hunger than to satisfy it. Green vegetables and salad, fruit juices and liquid diets are the best. Foods with a large bulk (like greens) but a comparatively less nutrition should be recommended.

Gum resin of Guggulu (Balasmodendron Mukul) is the drug of choice for this condition. Fifteen grains of the powder should be taken four times a day with hot water. Lemon juice and honey mixed with water also helps reduce the excess fat: the drink should be taken first thing in the morning.

Regimen: The following regimen is recommended if the obese does not like any medicines. He must reduce the amount of food that he takes gradually. In-between snacks must be given up. Fats, sugar and starchy foods should not be taken. Cabbage salad (sliced cabbage and tomatoes sprinkled over with a little salt and lemon juice) should be substituted for the last meal of the day. It will give sufficient sustenance, but will not add to the fat. If the sufferer is young, he should take some vigorous exercise. Jogging is perhaps the best exercise to reduce the fat on the body.


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