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Diseases of the Teeth and Gums

Teeth are the hard organs implanted in the jaw bones. They not only serve for biting and grinding the food, but also aid in speech. If the front teeth are knocked out, the speech will become slurred and defective. They not only aid digestion by making the food more malleable for the stomach to handle, they are also an ornament, if they are regular and shining white.

Teeth, in spite of their hardness, are sensitive organs and any malfunctioning of the teeth or a disease of the gums can put the digestion out of kilter. Lack of oral hygiene (not cleaning the teeth or washing the mouth) excess of flesh foods, sweets, sour substances like pickles and savories, taking of iced water immediately after hot food are some of the things that are harmful for the teeth. A regular brushing of the teeth in the morning and after each meal should become part of the daily routine of a person if he wants to retain his teeth.

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