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Causes and Symptoms: Scanty discharge of menstrual blood may be due to anemia, general ill-health or certain grave diseases like TB, Bright's disease or aggravated dyspepsia and malaria of a prolonged nature. Various influences which act through the nervous system, for example a sudden fright, or great grief may also cause stoppage of the menstrual flow for months. Failure of menstruation to appear at all in a young woman may be due to slow or imperfect development of the ovaries or the womb.

After anemia or any other serious disorder like malaria of a prolonged nature has been ruled out as the real culprit behind amenorrhea, the following remedies should be tried:

Remedies: A week before the periods of a woman are due, a decoction of six mashas of Flex Seeds (about 250 ml of water reduced to half through boiling) mixed with 2 tolas of Jaggery and 2 tolas of ghee should be taken daily. Alternatively, a decoction of one tola of seeds of Carrots and Jaggery should be taken for about a week. Another remedy is to boil six mashas of Baberand (Embelia Ribes), three mashas of dry Ginger and two tolas of Jaggery in 500 ml. of water till half of it is left. The decoction should be taken for some days before it shows its effect.

A decoction of two tolas each of flowers and leaves of the Cotton Plant (500 ml of water boiled to half its quantity) mixed with two tolas of Gur is also effective in inducing the menstrual flow. Another remedy is to steep one tola of Black Sesame seeds and an equal quantity of small Caltrops (Gokhru) in 250 ml of water and to grind them in the same water. It should be sweetened with sugar and drunk.


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