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Causes and Symptoms: Mammary glands, or breasts, of women undergo many changes through their life time. They develop fully only when lactating has begun and are firm and beautiful when a woman is suckling her infant. The firmness is reduced when lactation has stopped and when a woman has gone beyond the childbearing age, the breasts have a tendency to sag and become flaccid. But, in some cases, the condition is evidenced in a comparatively early age. The following remedies are recommended.

Remedies:Unripe fruit of Moolsari should be rubbed in water and painted over the breasts for eight to ten days. Alternatively, the tender aerial roots of the Banyan tree ground with a little water may be applied as a paste on the breasts for a week to ten days. Another expedient is to grind the Lajwanti or Chhumui plant ( a variety of Touch-me-not) and the root of Asgand (Winter Cherry) in water and apply the paste on the breasts for ten to twelve days.


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