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Causes and Symptoms: If there is excessive discharge of blood from the womb during the monthly period, it is called menorrhagia, but if there is irregularity of menstruation, it is called metrorrhagia. The treatment both is same.

The disorder may be due to imbalance of the hormones; abnormal growths (whether benign or malignant) in the uterus may be at the root of excessive or irregular bleeding. In severe cases, bleeding may continue for a long time giving rise to symptoms of prostration like giddiness, constant headaches, pain in the calves and restlessness. Neglect of the condition or ineffective attempts at dealing with it may lead to anemia of the most severe type.

Remedies: Ashoka (Saraca Indica) and Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) are two remedies which have been used by the practitioners of Ayurveda to deal with these conditions over the past thousands of years. A home remedy is to grind seven leaves of the Pomegranate tree and seven grains of Rice into a paste and given to the patient for a month twice daily. It acts as a curative as well as a preventive agent.

Two tolas of bark of Asoka tree should be crushed and boiled in 250 ml of milk and an equal amount of water; when half of the liquid is left, it should be strained, sweetened with sugar and drunk. A few days use will put the patient on the road to recovery. Or, equal weights of Pathani Lodh, Red Ochre (Geru) and oak Galls (Mazu) should be finely powdered and four mashas of it taken in the morning and evening with milk.

Half ripe fruits of the country Fig tree (Gular) should be dried in the shade and powdered and mixed with an equal quantity of sugar. Six mashas of the pwoder taken with milk in the morning and evening gives relief. Alternatively, three mashas of Rasaut and an equal quantity of Shellac should be finely ground together and made into two doses, one to be taken in morning and other in the evening with milk.

Another wonderful remedy for this condition is Amla; dry Amla should be soaked in juice of green Amla for three days and then ground into powder. Six mashas of this powder taken with cow's milk for some days cures the condition. Other remedies recommended are: One tola each of Selkhari (Talc) and Geru (Red Ochre) ground together should be taken in three masha doses thrice daily. Multani Mitti (Bole Armeniac) steeped in water and the supernatant water drunk in the morning is also good for excessive bleeding from the womb. Five mashas of bark of Kurchi and Brown Sugar mixed together taken in the morning and evening is also an effective remedy.


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