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Causes: Sterility among the females is the incapacity to conceive. If the union of the sperm and the ova fails to come off as a result of sexual intercourse, the women does not conceive and the condition is known as sterility. It may be caused by defective sperma or ova, the congestion of the ovaries, trauma sustained by the genital organs, congenital defects in those organs, deformities resulting from injuries or certain diseases like syphilis or gonorrhea and imperfect development of the reproductive organs.

Remedies: If there are no organic defects or congenital deformities which plague a sterile woman, the followings will help.

After the monthly periods are over, Ivory powder, ground fine should be taken in two masha doses with milk for three to four days. Tender aerial roots of the Banyan tree, dried in the shade and finely powdered, should be mixed with five times their weight with milk cake or Qalaqand and eaten at night-no other food should be taken. It should be continued for three nights consecutively. It should be repeated after the completion of the menstruation cycle every month till conception takes place. Alternatively, six mashas of Adgand Nagori (Winter Cherry) powder should be taken with milk for five to six nights after menstruation. Three mashas of powder of Shivlingi seeds should be taken with cow's milk for some days. Or, equal weights of Nagkesar (Cobra's Saffron) and Areca Nut should be powdered and three mashas of it taken on an empty stomach with milk. Alternatively, small Doodhi should be dried in the shade and powdered. It should be mixed with an equal weight of brown sugar and seven mashas of the mixture taken with milk after menstruation for five days consecutively.

Excessive fat often inhibits conception. Obesity must, in such cases, be treated first. A women under treatment for sterility must not take alkaline and pungent foods. Fruits, sweet substances and a protein rich diet is indicated in such cases.


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