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Causes: If during pregnancy there is spotting (i.e. if there is a drop or two of blood coming out of the uterus), it may be a precursor of abortion and steps must be taken expeditiously. The woman must be advised to take rest and desist from heavy physical or mental work.

Remedies:UOne fruit of preserved Amla, wrapped in Silver foil, should be eaten daily during the period of pregnancy. Or, a confection of petals of White Rose in one to two tolas doses every day should be taken. Five mashas of a mixture of Sugar and powdered Kundru Gum taken with Starch (a left over of boiled rice) would also effectively deal with threatened abortion.

Unripe pods of Acacia and leaf shoots of the Banyan tree should be taken in equal quantities and dried in the shade. The powder of the two mixed with an equal amount of Brown Sugar taken in six mashas doses with milk for a few days would deal with the danger of abortion.

One tola each of Amla, Lodh Pathani and Liquorice should be ground fine and mixed with an equal weight of Brown Sugar. A six mashas dose every morning and evening will stop the bleeding that is a precursor to abortion.


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