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Remedies: In case the pain is due to suspected tumors or sores in the uterus, the following remedies will help:

IfA vaginal douche with water in which Neem leaves have been boiled. Take 5 tolas of neem leaves, add six mashas of Kamala Dye (Kamila) and three mashas of Borax and boil them in 1 litre of water till half is left. Alternatively, five tolas each of neem leaves, Pomegranate and Dodder (Akashbel) should be boiled in 1.2 liters of water till about liters is left. A cloth and soaked in this decoction should be used for fomentation of the lower abdomen and the pubes.

Three tolas of Bastard Teak (Gule Tesu) and one tola of rind of Poppy Capsule should be boiled in water and the warm water used for fomentation.

The patient suffering from the disorders named above should take soft, easily digestible foods and give up condiments and spices as they are likely to aggravate her condition. Constipation should not be allowed to develop and if it does, it should be dealt with a mild laxative. Sex, of course, is strictly forbidden during the period of the disorder.


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