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Causes and Symptoms: When the veins in the region of the anus become varicose, a condition known as piles or haemorrhoids is born. It may be dry, in which the act of passing the stools is extremely painful, or it may be internal piles which bleed at the time of the evacuation of the bowels. The latter case is known as haemorrhoids. If the condition is neglected or the treatment is ineffective, it may lead to a prolapse of the rectum (the rectum protruding out of its casing), impotence, proctitis (inflammation of the anus) and serious haemorrhage, which in some cases (fortunately rare) has led to death.

Since the villain of the piece in piles is constipation (constant straining at the stools leads to varicose veins in the anal region), a proper cure for piles is to deal with the constipation first. For that a dietary regimen should be supplemented by mild laxatives.

Remedies: Seeds of Night Jasmine (Harsingar) shelled and two tolas of their kernel should be ground along with 3 mashas of Pepper in water. Pills made of the mixture (two to three mashas in weight) should be taken every morning with water. Or, a kilo of Kukronda should be crushed and the juice obtained should be placed on a slow fire. When it starts to thicken, add two tolas of Red Ochre (Geru) and three mashas of Pepper ground fine. Make pills of the size of wild berries: one pill should be taken morning and evening. Twenty one leaves of Country Mallow (Kanghi Booti) should be ground together with 21 grains of Pepper and made into 7 pills. One pill should be taken in the morning and evening.

Five tolas of Black Cumin (Kali Jeeri), of which half should be roasted and the other half unroasted, should be ground together. Three mashas of the mixture should be taken with water. Indian Hemp boiled in milk should be made into a cake and bandaged over the piles. A cloth pad dipped into a decoction of Bakayan leaves should be used to foment the anus.

One tola of Bukan Booti should be ground with five grains of Pepper in water and drunk to stop the bleeding.


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