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Causes: Hiccup is a spasmodic drawing of the air to the lungs, ending with a click-hence the word hiccup which imitates the sound. The cause is usually some irritation of the nerves which go to the diaphragm, producing a sudden contractions of the latter. Hiccough is generally caused by disorders of the digestion but is also a cardinal symptom of certain serious illness. In some cases it is the sign of impending death.

Remedies: The ash of the Peacock Feather is a specific remedy for this condition which has been prescribed by many practitioners of Indian systems of medicine: six grains are given six times in the day with honey. Another remedy is to warm two tolas each of Ajwain and Salt tied in a cloth bag over a hot plate and foment the abdomen of the sufferer. Aniseed and Ajwain one tola each should be ground with three mashas each of roasted Borax, Black Salt and two to four rattis of the powder should be given with water every three hours.

If the disorder is of psychological, origin, i.e. if it has been caused by sudden fright, extreme worry or shock of the death of a near relative or friend, psychotherapy is recommended.


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