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Causes: Inflammation of the throat (particularly larynx) or even a bad case of tonsillitis may lead to hoarseness of voice. It may also be precipitated by an over-use of the larynx, as among orators and those who shout slogans. Exposure to dust and smoke may also cause hoarseness, but that complaint is generally temporary unless the sufferer is endowed with a hypersensitive throat. Hoarseness is also an accompaniment, sometimes, of cold and catarrh.

Remedies and Regimen: The very first thing to do when you suffer from sore throat is to give up all irritating substances like chillies, condiments, sour substances and smoking. The next step is to take saline gargles or gargles with decoction of Acacia bark as advised for tonsillitis.

If hoarseness is due to cold and catarrh or tonsillitis, those conditions should be treated first. In the case of over-use of the vocal chords, hoarseness is relieved by eating one masha of Java Galangal (Kulanjan) with a paan. An alternative remedy is to boil the left-over Tobacco in a hookah in five times the water and the resultant salt taken in doses of one ratti with a paan. If hoarseness is due to dryness of the throat, seven kernels of Almonds and seven grains of Pepper should be ground together with water and sugar added to it: the linctus relieves hoarseness.


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