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Remedies: In case there are stones present in the kidneys or the bladder and the pain can be traced to their presence, the following remedies are of advantage:

Two and a half tolas of juice of Radish should be mixed with four rattis of Pearl Ash (Jawakhar) and drunk every morning and evening for some days. It will break up the stones and they would be expelled with the urine. The kernel of seed of the Fever Nut (Karanjwa) should be ground fine and one masha of this powder should be mixed with three mashas of pure Honey. The dose should be increased till it reaches 11 mashas (the progressive increase should be one masha per day); then it should be decreased by one masha per day till the dose reaches the original quantity. Another remedy is one tola of leaves of Country Mallow (Sahdevi) ground in ten times the water, strained and mixed with one masha of Nitre (Shora Qalmi). It should be drunk for some days to find relief.

The leaves of Chulai should be cooked as a vegetable and eaten. The patient suffering from kidney stones should take all the precautions with regard to diet indicated earlier.


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