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Causes: The presence of blood in the urine is called haematuria. It may be found in some diseases of the kidneys like cystitis (inflammation of the bladder. Or, it may be due to the presence of stones in the kidney or the gall bladder. When a person strains at passing his urine, the stones move with the effort and scratch the part, producing blood. The urine may be of smoky, brownish color. If the urethera is scratched with the movement of the stones, the urine will be of bright red color; in the case of the malady lodging itself in the kidneys or the bladder, the color of the urine will be brown.

Remedies: Goksura (Tribulus Rerrestris) is the drug of choice for this condition. One teaspoonful of the powder of the seed of the drug should be taken thrice a day, preferably with honey. The patent should swallow the powder of 21 grains of Chaksu (Cassia Absus) in the morning and drink water in which 6 mashas of powdered. White sandal has been soaked overnight. Or, one tola of white Dog Grass (Dub) and 5 grains of white pepper be ground together in water and the water taken. Alternatively, one tola of dried Amla and three mashas of Turmeric should be crushed and steeped overnight in water. The supernatant water should be given to the patient in the morning. One tola of leaves of Vasaka should be ground in water and drunk to stop the passage of blood with the urine.

The diet best recommended for a haematuria patient is vegetables prepared from green bananas, bitter gourd and drumsticks. Juice of white pumpkin mixed with sugar cane juice also helps recovery. The patient must desist from sexual intercourse during the course of the treatment. Alcohol should be avoided and intake of liquids, particularly water, increased.


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