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Causes: Polyuria, or excess or urine, is also found in some disorders of the kidneys. It may also be due to excessive intake of liquids or failure of the sweat glands to function. The seasons also have an effect on the amount of urine passed in 24 hours. The amount increases in winter and decreases in summer. But if, considering the two factors, namely, the season and the intake of liquids, the amount of urine passed appears to be abnormal, medication of some kind is to be taken recourse to. The following remedies are recommended for excess of urine.

Remedies: Dry unripe pods of Acacia tree in the shade, fry them in a little ghee and then powder them. Three mashas of the powder taken in the morning and evening provides relief. Or, the powder of the stone of the Jambolina fruit should be taken in one masha doses in the morning and evening. Alternatively, eat any confection made of Black Sesame Seeds in 100 gr. Quantity. A confection from Black Sesame seeds can be prepared by taking four tolas of the seeds, 2 tolas of Ajwain and six tolas of jaggery and mixing them. Sis mashas of it should be taken in the morning and evening. Polyurea of old age can be cured by this regimen. Or, the kernel of Tamarind seeds and leaves of Horse Radish should be ground together in water and applied lukewarm to the pelvic region. Three mashas of powder of Kulinjan (Java Galangal) taken with water also relieves the condition.


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