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Causes: If there is a burning sensation during the act of urination, it may be due tohyper acidity or due to some malfunctioning of the kidneys. The following remedies are recommended for the malady.

Remedies: A quarter litre of milk should be boiled with an equal quantity of water and drunk; alternatively, one tola each of Nitre and large Cardamom should be ground together and the powder taken in four masha doses with water or milk. If a tola of Doodhi Booti is ground with water, strained and drunk, it quickly relieves the burning sensation. Juice of the stem of Banana Tree is also helpful in this condition. Another remedy is to take one tola of Ratanjot (Onosma Echoides) and grind it with 5 grains of Pepper in water. Then strain and drink it after sweetening it with sugar candy.


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