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Odontitis is a condition in which the teeth bleed and become loose. It precedes or is a concomitant of pyorrhea and must be dealt with through oral hygiene and the following remedies.

Remedies: A fine powder of two tolas of Oak Galls (Mazu) and six mashas of Alum should be used as tooth powder. The teeth and the gums should be vigorously rubbed with it and the mouth washed after half an hour to allow the powder to have its full effect. If fresh bark of Acacia tree is chewed daily, loose teeth will become firm and the gums will stop bleeding. A decoction of two tolas of bark of Molsari boiled in half a litre of water till about 250 ml. is left should be used as a mouth wash.

Another tooth powder to stop the bleeding from the gums and to strengthen the teeth is five tolas of the charcoal of Jambolana tree and six mashas of Alum.


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