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Causes: Impotence is a disease peculiar to males: In females the corresponding disorder is known as frigidity (the absence of sexual desire and a failure to respond to sexual stimuli). Impotence may be defined as the inability to perform the sex act or incomplete performance (premature ejaculation) which leaves the female partner partially or totally dissatisfied. Impotence may be organic or functional. Among the organic causes are lesions of the external genitals, i.e. a tight foreskin, disturbance of the endocrine glands, such as diminished activity of the gonads (as happens in old age), diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, alcoholism; and among the psychological factors are ignorance, fear, weakness of sexual desire or a guilt complex which may inhibit the action of the gonads.

It has been found that in a majority of the males suffering from impotence, the reasons are psychological. They may be suffering from a guilt complex because they may have indulged in masturbation, unnatural sex or incest (sexual relations with near kindered) during their early life. Or, they might be always thinking of sex, being in an agitated state of mind all the time and suffer from premature ejaculation.

If the reasons for impotence are psychological only a proper psychoanalysis of the patient will help. It could be explained to the sufferer that having masturbated in early life does not sexually incapacitate a male. But after all the psychological avenues have been explore, the following remedies should be used.

Remedies: In case of spermatorrhoea (ejaculation even without the penis having attained tumescence), tender, seedless pods of Acacia should be dried in the shade and powdered before being mixed with an equal weight of Brown Sugar. Six mashas of it should be taken with milk in the morning. Alternatively, tender leaf-shoots of Banyan tree may be substituted for Acacia pods. Or, the tender root of the silk Cotton tree dried in the shade and powdered before mixing it with an equal amount of Brown Sugar should be taken n one tola doses with milk.

Five tolas each of kernels of seeds of Bastard Teak (Dhak) and Siris tree finely ground and mixed with 5 tolas of Brown Sugar should be taken in six mashas doses every morning for three weeks to relieve the condition.

Five tolas each of dry Amla and Mango Ginger (Amba Haldi) should be powdered and mixed with an equal weight of Brown Sugar. The daily morning dose is six mashas taken with milk.


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