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Sexual Disorders Peculiar to Males

The only sexual disorder peculiar to males, besides the venereal diseases already dealt with in this chapter are: (i) infertility; (ii) impotence; and (iii) sexual weakness.

We must first distinguish between male sterility (or infertility) and impotence. There is a lot of confusion in the popular mind. Generally a person who fails to impregnate his wife (even though he may be potent) is taken as impotent. There is a world of difference between sterility and impotence. Sterility is the failure to reproduce whereas impotence is the failure to perform the sex act satisfactorily. If the seminal fluid of the male is deficient in sperms needed to impregnate the ova, he is said to be sterile even though he may be potent.

Sterility may be caused among the males by prolonged illness, certain venereal diseases, injuries or congenital deformities. If, for example there is a malfunctioning of the ductless glands which secrete hormones responsible for the regulation of the sperm, the failure to impregnate the ova will definitely result. If there is a congenital defect responsible for absence of sperms, nothing much can be done. But where there is lack of sperms or weakness-oligospermia-Asgandh is the drug of choice. Powder of the dried root of the plant taken in one teaspoonful doses twice daily with milk should correct the fault. Or, the seeds outside the pods of the wild-growing creeper Kapi Kacchu roasted and powdered should be taken in one teaspoonful doses twice daily with milk.

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