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Causes and Symptoms: The inflammation of the salivary glands, usually the parotids, leads to a condition known as mumps. It is a malady peculiar to children, even though adults are also prone to it. It grants life-long immunity once it has struck a patient. The more tender the age in which mumps afflict a person, the easier it is to deal with. If it occurs in late life, it may lead to other complications like orchitis (swelling of the testicles) leading to atrophy of the testicles and finally to sterility among the males if the condition remains untreated.

The swelling of mumps can be resolved with the help of the following remedies:
Asparagus Seeds (Halon) and Fenugreek Seeds ground together in water should be applied to the inflamed parts. Alternatively, a piece of a leaf of common Indian Aloes (Geekwar) is peeled on one side and sprinkled with a little Turmeric and extract of Rasaut (Berberis Aristata) and warmed before being bandaged on the inflamed surface. Or, peeled and sliced Onions cooked in water may be applied as a poultice when still warm. Leaf of the Peepul tree smeared with ghee and warmed over a fire can also be bandaged over the inflamed parts to get relief.

Some physicians also advise the taking of Munaqqa to relieve the condition. Others are of the view that calx of Stag Horn taken in 120 mg. doses thrice a day helps.


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