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Causes: Sound memory depends on the rational grouping of ideas so that one may recall them at will. Some people are given to forgetfulness and if there is no nervous deficiency (i.e. no nerve cells are defective), it can be handled without much difficulty. Memory may be impaired by concussion of the brain or certain diseases. Old age or senile degeneration may lead to loss of memory. A temporary loss of memory in which the patient forgets even his own identity, may be the result of an injury. It is not, however, so common as the film makers and writers of fiction would have us believe.

Remedies: If there is dullness of intellect which is at the back of a faulty memory, some of the symptoms would be persistent, light headache or intolerance of noise. There is also an inability to concentrate on anything. In such a case, seven mashas of Brahmi Booti dried in the shade, seven kernels of Almond and seven grains of Pepper should be ground in water, strained, sweetened with two tolas of sugar and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach for a fortnight. Alternatively, seven mashas of Brahmadandi or Sankhahooi ground in water with seven grains of Pepper, strained and drunk with Honey or Sugar will strengthen the memory. The Brain of Goat also serves the same purpose if cooked and eaten continuously for some weeks.

In case of amnesia or dullness of memory, three mashas of Black Cumin (Kalaunji) should be mixed with one tola of pure Honey and licked. Alternatively, five tolas of Brahmi Booti should be powdered, sifted, mixed with five mashas of finely ground Pepper and Honey, should be given in three masha doses in the morning and evening.

Brahmi Booti boiled in cow's ghee is also helpful. The ghee in which this booti has been boiled should be taken in one teaspoonful doses twice daily with milk. Or, powdered root of Vacha should be given in teaspoonful doses with honey twice daily.

The diet of such persons should consist of as much cow's milk as they can safely digest. Almonds, Almond Oil and Amla preserve are also helpful. Meditation according to Yogic procedures is also helpful in improving the memory.


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