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Causes: Sleeplessness or insomnia is a very annoying condition which interferes with a person's activities during the day because he fails to get natural sleep. If it becomes chronic it may pose a serious problem to the health of the sufferer.

Unless there are any physical disorders accompanying insomnia, it is a nervous origin. Some people with a nervous temperature may be unable to sleep because of some minor worry. In temporary cases of insomnia, the cause is to be found either in some mental strain or physical discomfort like an aching tooth, indigestion, lack of comfortable surroundings. An infection or fever may interfere with sleep because of the poisons released into the system. Nervous weakness can also result in loss of sleep.

The treatment of insomnia must depend upon a correct diagnosis and removal of its cause. After all the physical reasons like indigestion, pain, uncomfortable surroundings etc. have been taken care of, one must look for psychological reasons, if any like worry or grief.

Remedies: Brahmi Booti, Vacha and Amla are the drugs of choice for insomnia: powders of these drugs, individually or in combination, in doses of one teaspoonful thrice daily with water or milk are the best. Or, a teaspoonful of the fried powder of Cumin Seeds should be mixed with the pulp of a ripe Banana and taken the last thing at night.

Fresh goat's milk with sugar taken every morning is also a good remedy. Another remedy worth trying is to take seven sweet almond kernels and grind them with three mashas of poppy seeds in milk or water and smear the paste on the soles and the palms.

Regimen: Insomnia caused by fever is relieved if the soles and palms of the patient are rubbed with a bronze cup of mug. An insomniac must avoid worry and tension and should keep his bowels clear. He should also, depending upon the state of his physique, take vigorous exercise to tire himself. Alcohol taken in quantities also helps produce sleep. Sleeping without a pillow also helps.


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