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Causes: Vertigo or giddiness is a condition of the body in which the sufferer loses the power to balance himself; there is a sensation of whirling. He feels that he is going to fall and has to support himself while walking.

Giddiness may be caused by many factors like a disturbance in the balance of the fluids in the inner ear, blood pressure, some disorders of digestion, migraine, a mild attack of epilepsy or a disease of the brain. Before we can deal with a case of vertigo we must be sure of the causative factor involved.

If the patient is suffering from constipation, the condition should be dealt with by the administration of a mild laxative. If vertigo can be traced to general debility of the system, a nutritious diet should be recommended. The patient must take lots of milk, eggs and butter.

Remedies: A home remedy for vertigo is to steep six mashas each of dry Amla and Coriander seeds in water overnight. They should be strained in the morning and drunk by adding a little sugar. Alternatively, seven kernels of Almonds, six mashas of kernel of Pumpkin Seeds, three mashas of poppy Seeds and two tolas of Wheat should be steeped overnight in water. In the morning the Almonds should be skinned and all the ingredients should be ground together. Two tolas of Ghee and some Cloves should be heated up and then the ingredients ground into a thin paste added. A little milk should be added and the whole thing boiled after which it should be sweetened with sugar and drunk.

If giddiness is due to indigestion or constipation, one piece of preserve of Cherubic Myrobalans (Harar ka Murabba) should be divested of its stone and three mashas of dry Coriander seeds and one masha of Cardamoms should be finely ground together and mixed with it. The mixture should be eaten in the morning and evening.


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