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Causes: Nose Bleed is not an uncommon condition. It is nothing to worry about if it is because of the heating up of the system, but if it is because of hypertension, it may pose problems. If it continues for too long and the loss of blood is profuse, only surgical interference may help, because copious discharge of blood may indicate the bursting of an artery.

Treatment: A person bleeding from the nose should lie on the bed with his head higher than the rest of his body. He should inhale iced water through the noes; cold water should be oured over his head and cold compresses applied to the nasal region. Alum, Camphor and Majuphala in equal quantities should be powdered and dropped in small doses into the nostril from where the blood is issuing.

In cases where nose bleed is frequent occurrence, the following remedies are recommended:

One tola of Bole Armeniac (Multani Mitti) should be crushed and steeped in water overnight; the supernatant water should be drunk in the morning. Alternatively two tolas of dried Amla should be steeped in water overnight, and strained in the morning. The water should be drunk and the myrobalans ground and applied to the forehead and around the nose. One ratti of Camphor dissolve in the juice of green coriander leaves dropped into the nostrils stops the bleeding quickly.


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