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Diseases of the Nose

Nose is the orifice through which air enters the respiratory system; in addition to acting as an inlet for air for the lungs, it lodges in itself the organ which furnishes the sense of smell. The outer part of the nose is important only aesthetically, the real nose is the main cavity which is placed above the roof of the mouth. The nose is subject to many disorders from nose bleed to rhinitis (inflammation of the real nose). There may be worms infesting the nasal cavity or tumors and boils in addition to inflammation. The main cause of most disorders of the nose is the common cold or catarrh which is found generally in cold climates and in our country generally at the junctions of the seasons or in deep winter. In spite of the fact that the modern medicine has been engaged in research for the past three decades and more, it has failed to come up with a remedy which may guarantee a cure. Medicines recommended by allopaths may suppress the symptoms for some time, but in most cases they only manage to suppress the malady and turn the phlegm into a thick viscid substance not easily ejected from the system. The ineffectiveness of the modern system of medicine to deal with common cold is apparent from the old adage that if you take medicine for a cold it is cured in a week, otherwise in seven day.

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