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Causes: Repeated colds in the head may lead to rhinitis (acute inflammation of the nose). There is an increased secretion from the swollen mucous membrane causing constant running of the nose, together with a feeling of stuffiness. If there is lack of personal hygiene due to poverty or ignorance, worms may infest the nose and cause severe headache. The following medicines are recommended for such a condition.

Remedies: Six mashas of Turpentine Oil should be diluted with about two chhattanks of lukewarm water and the nose washed with it with a syringe. If a syringe is not available a couple of drops of the solution may be dropped into the nostrils. Alternatively, two rattis of asafoetida may be dissolved in lukewarm water and the solution dropped into the nose. Another expedient is the juice of green leaves of Sanbhalu (Indian wild pepper); juice of Neem leaves is also efficacious.

If there is a foul smell emanating from the nose (ozena), two to three drops of juice of fresh bitter Long Gourd (Karvi Tori or Lauki) will adequately deal with the disorder. If fresh gourd is not available, the dried vegetable may be steeped in water and exposed to the dew in the night and the water used as nose drops


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