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Causes and Symptoms: VChancre is the primary lesion of syphilis and is the primary stage of the disease even though modern medicine treats it separately. It may be caused by wounds on the male organ by nails, teeth or through intercourse with a woman during her monthly periods or with a woman suffering from some vaginal infection. It is characterised by pain akin to the sensation of needles being thrust into the skin of the affected part (the male organ or the vagina). There may also be exudation of blood from the affected part. The boils of chancre, when they burst, have sharply defined edges. The affection spreads to the glans penis and the prepuce in the males and the labia minora and clitoris in the females together with an unbearable itch and inflammation.

Remedies: The remedies and the regimen recommended for syphilis should be tried in chancre too and if no relief is obtained in a week or so a physician should be consulted.


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