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Causes and Symptoms: The gastric juices (those present in the stomach) contain hydrochloric acid in the proportion of 2 : 1000. When there is malfunctioning of the digestive organs a condition known as hyperacidity is produced. If there is excess of hydrochloric acid, it produces a breach on the surface on the membrane lining the stomach which is known as an ulcer. Dietetic indiscretions and the stress and worry of modern life contribute to the production of more acid in the stomach that is needed for its essential functioning. That is how ulcers are born. The term peptic ulcer is a general term applied to all the ulcers in the stomach; the ulcer on the duodenum is called a duodenal ulcer. Both types of ulcers are a painful condition and lea dto loss of weight because of impairment of digestion and defective absorption of food. The ulcer may bleed, the blood getting mixed with the stools, but in severe cases there is hemorrhage from the mouth.

Haematemesis (loss of blood through vomit) is a serious condition for which the patient may have to be hospitalised. Sometimes, there may be only vomit preceded by eructation, the patient throwing up food with only a small amount of blood. But if such an act of throwing up is followed by a rapid and thready pulse-indication of a falling blood pressure-immediate action should be taken. The patient should be made to lie quietly on the bed and a piece of ice given to him to suck. Crushed ice in a bag or cloth pads dipped in cold water should be applied to his abdomen.

Remedies:Six mashas of leaves and flowers of Pomegranate tree should be ground in water, strained and given to the patient to drink. One masha of Bhang and two mashas of Camphor may be finely ground together and made into pills of the size of green gram; one pill should be given every three hours with water. In addition, leaves of the Acacia tree should be ground in water and plastered on the abdomen.

Regimen: Since the ulcers and haemorrhage from them is the direct result of hyperacidity, a person having a tendency towards acidity should be extremely careful in what he eats and drinks. His food must consist of bland and easily digestible foodstuffs and liquor should be prohibited to him. As long as the pain of ulcer persists he should be advised to take milk only in small quantities after every two hours.


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