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Sometimes, there is inflammation of the eyes when they become red. There is watering of the eyes, irritation and hypersensitivity to bright lights. There is also a thick, yellowish discharge which collects in the corners of the eyes as the patient sleeps. Sometimes the eyelashes have a tendency to stick to each other because of the mucuous discharge and they have to be bathed with lukewarm water before they can be opened.

Remedies: The patient should be made to rest in a darkened room where there is plenty of air. The eyes must be protected from bright light, smoke and dust. Alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, spices and other irritating substances must be eschewed. If the patient is constipated six mashas of finely powdered Harar mixed with a little Salt should be given with water.

Six mashas of Turmeric Powder should be boiled in half a litre of water till about half the original quantity of water is left. A piece of fine-meshed cloth soaked in the water should be placed on the forehead of the patient in such a way that it hangs before his eyes. The rest of the water should be used to wipe the eyes. A few drops of the water should be put in the affected eyes three to four times a day.

Another eye-drop highly recommended for sore eyes is four rattis of Alum dissolved in 2 tolas of Rose Water. Or, two mashas of Alum and 4 rattis of opium should be dissolved in 4 tolas of Rose Water, filtered and preserved. The mixture should be used as eye drops. Or, 3 tolas of roasted Alum, 7 mashas of Turmeric and 5 mashas of Opium should be cooked on a slow fire in 250 ml. of juice of Lemon till the mixture turns into a semi-solid mass. When it dries up, it should be made into small pills. One pill may be rubbed in water and painted round the eyes. A little of it should be dropped in the eyes. Another expedient is to drop the juice of a leaf of Datura in the ear opposite to the affected eye.

Tender leaves of Pomegranate or Acacia ground in water and bandaged over the eyes in the night will effectively deal with irritation and pain of sore eyes.

A prophylactic for sore eyes is the flower of Mundi (Sphaeranthus Hirtus). If a healthy person swallows one flower he will get immunity from sore eyes for a year.


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