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Causes and Symptoms: Presence of the wind in the stomach and the intestines is an extremely annoying condition which causes much discomfort. The formation of gas in the stomach is primarily due to a defective digestion. The waste matter goes on putrifying in the intestines and leads to formation of wind. There are rumbling noises in the stomach, the abdomen is distended and, sometimes, when the wind travells upward and depresses the diaphragm the pulse rate goes very high. In some cases, there may even be a little sweating and nervousness, leading the sufferer to believe that he is in the process of having a heart attack.

Remedies: The condition may be the offshoot of constipation in which case, the best is to take a mild laxative, but the discomfort of a distension of the abdomen needs immediate attention. One expedient is to tie a couple of handfuls of Millets (Bajra) and a handful of Salt in a cloth bag, warm it over the hot plate and foment the abdomen with it. Alternatively, Asafoetida (Hing) may be dissolved in hot water and a pad of cloth or cottonwool steeped in it may be used for fomenting the abdomen. Six mashas of Turpentine Oil may be mixed with double the quantity of Castor Oil to anoint the abdomen with. Warmed leaves of Castor tree may be wrapped over the abdomen.

Ajwain (5 tolas) and Salmiac (2 tolas) may be ground into a fine powder and two mashas of the powder given with warm water. One tola of juice of Ginger may be mixed with a little salt to get immediate relief. Dried Ginger and Ajwain in equal weights may be steeped in 2 times of lime-juice, dried and powdered and a little Black Salt added to the powder. Two mashas of the powder should be taken with a draught of warm water.

In case of constipation a suppository made from soap may be introduced into the rectum of the patient to evacuate the bowels. That should produce immediate relief to the sufferer.

Regimen: A person subject to attacks of flatulence must be very careful in his food habits. He should take easily digestible foods, avoid spices and fats and deal with constipation the moment it starts bothering him.


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